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Fit for a windowsill

The windowsill can be a cruel mistress to many a houseplant. Often we think we can just plop one of our green friends by the window simply ‘cause they look good there, and then they die. Yep, too much sunlight is one of the fastest ways to send your new houseplant to a crispy grave. Many houseplants originate from jungles, where a lush canopy filters their sunlight. However a lot of plants, especially those native to South Africa, love some solid sunlight - and they don’t need a pair of retro Ray Bans to prove it.

The brilliantly frizzy foliage of the Ponytail palm adds a new dimension to any sunny spot. He's as easy to look after as a succulent, and thrives in full sun.

Not only is the Spekboom a miracle plant with it’s potential of tackling carbon emissions, but it also loves the sun. The ever charming Porky is small enough to make himself at home on any windowsill, and bold enough to make it his own.

Another proudly South African addition to our collection, the Aloe mitriformis, is a hardy succulent that loves bright light. This spiky fella is incredibly easy to look after and will happily make himself at home next to any window.

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