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Beat the drought, water wisely

Cape Town is fast approaching Day Zero, the moment we run out of water. This means that the way we use water has to change even more so than it has already. What we hope this article serves to do is inform and educate on how you can keep your houseplants alive without dipping into municipal water. So let’s get to it.

Houseplants are already waterwise. Compared to the upkeep of a garden, they demand very little in terms of quenching their thirst. Typically, you only need to water your small to medium sized houseplants with about a cup of water once a week. Most succulents demand even less. This makes it relatively easy to water your houseplants without making a dent on your overall consumption.

Step one: Greywater

By placing a bucket in your shower you will collect more than enough water to give all your plants their weekly drink and then you can use the rest to flush your loo when you go number two. The only consideration you need to make here is that your plants don’t want all the run off from the chemicals in your shampoo, conditioner and soap. You can either switch to environmentally friendly and herbal products, or place the bucket directly under the shower head for the few seconds it takes to warm up. You only need to do this once a week, too.
It’s also possible to use the water from boiling eggs or vegetables to water your plants, as long as you let it cool down first. Marcelle definitely doesn’t want you burning her toes.

Step two: Bottled water

Now this may sound hella boujee, but considering how little water your houseplants need and depending on how many you have, you can easily get three to four weeks of watering out of one 5l bottle of spring water. That’s about R18 to keep all your little green friends happy and hydrated for a month.

Step three: Choose waterwise plants

As we mentioned earlier, houseplants are already quite water wise. However, there are certain plants that use significantly less water than their counterparts. Our Purple Pearl, Spekboom, Ponytail palm (coming soon) and Aloe (coming soon) are very drought tolerant. These plants are used to more arid conditions so they’re perfect additions to your water wise home.

This drought is serious and we need to be as water wise as possible, from how we conduct our daily chores to how we look after our plants. If you have any questions regarding specific plant care and water use, you can message us at or drop us a line on any of our social channels.

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