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About Marcelle

(Swiss cheese plant; Monstera Deliciousa)
Positively charming and easy to care for, Marcelle is definitely one of the more chill roommates you’ll ever have.

Marcelle is into moderate, indirect sunlight. She enjoys a regular wipe down of her leaves with a damp cloth and is known to enjoy a little humidity. 

Direct sunlight is something that Marcelle prefers to avoid, as it hurts her leaves. She’s also not such a fan of dark spaces. 

Food and water:
Keeping Marcelle’s soil evenly moist will ensure her happiness. Let the soil dry out a bit before watering her again. If you want to see her flourish then feed her no more than once a month with regular strength fertiliser.

If you have any cats or dogs, it’s best to keep Marcelle out of reach, as her leaves are toxic for them.