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About Lance:

(Fiddle leaf fig, Ficus lyrata)
Given the chance, Lance will quickly become the central focal point of any lounge, hallway or office. He’s originally from West Africa but is now loved across the globe. Lance isn’t afraid of heights, so if you don’t prune his top he can grow up to 3m tall indoors.
Lance isn’t just a favourite for his looks, he’s also known to be relatively easy to take care of. Keep him in bright indirect sunlight (so avoid harsh sun rays) and watch him soar to new heights.
Not so into:
Lance’s leaves are quite sensitive. He can feel some shock if you’ve just bought him and moved him into a new space, which could lead to the loss of one or two leaves. He doesn’t like low humidity and being overwatered.
Food and drink:
You can water Lance when his top soil becomes dry. If you’re unsure of how often to water him then rather err on the side of under watering as over watering will cause root rot. During Spring and Summer you can feed Lance once a month with a diluted liquid fertiliser.
Can be toxic if ingested.