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About Ricky:

(Beaucarnea recurvata, Elephant’s foot)
Although Ricky is often mistaken to be a palm, he is actually more closely related to succulents. He uses that big stem base of his to store water, which is why he’s such a drought hardy plant. If you’re looking for a plant that really doesn’t need much water, while still looking bold, Ricky is your guy.

Unlike many of his counterparts in our collection, Ricky can tolerate full sunlight. So a nice sunny spot next to a window or on your balcony will do him just fine. He can handle light shade too, but just don’t let him get used to that and then leave him in bright sunlight.

Not so into:
Overwatering. Ricky really doesn’t like sitting in water. When you water him make sure that his soil drains well and you empty his tray.

Food and drink:
You can feed Ricky with a diluted fertiliser every few weeks in Spring and Summer. As mentioned, Ricky is very drought tolerant, so if you only water him a few times a month, he’ll be ok. However, if you want him to thrive, especially during the heat of Summer, watering him once a week will make him shine.