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About Selena:

(Philodendron bipinnatifidum)
Selena is cool. There’s no way else to put it. She’s easy to care for, looks incredible and is on NASA’s shortlist for best air-purifying plants. What’s not to love?
Native to tropical areas, Selena is a fan of humidity. She prefers bright indirect or dappled sunlight much like you would find under a tropical canopy.
Selena likes moist soil but doesn’t enjoy soggy soil, so don’t over water. If she’s getting too little light her leaves will turn a darker shade of green and if she’s getting too much her leaves will burn or fade.
Food and drink:
As mentioned, Selena likes moist soil, but you can get away with giving her a solid watering once a week. During Summer and Spring you can give her diluted fertiliser every second week or so. Too much fertiliser can cause a salt build up in her soil resulting in leaf burn.
Being part of the Philodendron family means that she is toxic when ingested, so don’t let your pets snack on her. If pruning her try and not get her sap on your hands, as it will cause itching, wash your hands after.