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About Sweet Phil:

(Philodendron scandens, sweetheart plant)
Sweet Phil has had his heart broken a few too many times. A bunch of bad Tinder dates and no one ever responding to his Insta stories has made him a strong little chap though. He’s notoriously easy to look after and is at home showing off while cascading off a bookshelf or mantel.
Phil enjoys moderate to bright indirect light and the odd misting to keep him humid and his leaves happy.
If Phil isn’t getting enough light you’ll know by him having small leaves or long spaces between the leaves, however that doesn’t mean you should put him in bright direct light – he hates that. If his leaf tips begin to brown then the air is too dry for him, mist him more regularly.
Food and drink:
You want to keep Phil’s soil moist during the warmer months and water weekly. If he starts to show yellow leaves then you’ve been watering him too much. You can feed him with a diluted liquid fertiliser diluted in half in these warmer months.
The poor guy is toxic when ingested, which you can imagine does wonders for his love life (shame). It’s best to not let your pets or kids eat him.