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About Zoe:

(Schlumbergera Truncata, Zygocactus, Thanksgiving cactus, crab cactus, holiday cactus)
Hailing from the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil, Zoe thrives in tropical climates. She’s a delight all year round, but gives her best show over the festive season when her buds begin to flower.  In the wild she’s found growing on trees or rocks, but she’ll be perfectly stoked in your home.
Some bright indirect light, well-drained soil and a sprinkle of humidity and Zoe will flourish. Regular misting will help provide the humidity she loves.
If there’s one thing to remember is that Zoe does not like to be over watered. Give her a good watering and then let the top soil dry before watering her again. Rather under water than over water.
Food and drink:
Give Zoe a good watering once a week or when you can feel the first two to three centimeters of her soil is dry. During the warmer months you can feed her with a diluted fertiliser once every 2-4 weeks.